Tru64 to AIX Migration

Tru64 to AIX Migration

Post by Dorian Londo » Sat, 04 Jan 2003 03:17:17

Are there any tools to assist in the migration from Tru64 to AIX the
password files are different.  In AIX there is a separate shadow file with
the encrypted password and in Tru64 the password is included in the password
file.  Any Ideas we have several hundred users with specific user ID
required.  I would like to simply migrate.

1. Migration Tru64 4.0D to Tru64 5.1

I have twenty Alpha servers (some 1000A, some 4100, some 8200 ...) with
Tru64 4.0D.
I must migrate to Tru64 5.1.

I have 2 choises :
    - install the 5.1 and restore the conf files
    - migrate 4.0D to 4.0F first, and migrate 4.0F to 5.1

I prefer make a new install to make the new servers more "clean".

Your opinions ?

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