maymap for SSA 160 and SSA D40?

maymap for SSA 160 and SSA D40?

Post by Chuck Kuhlma » Tue, 10 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone know if maymap has been updated to read the new SSA 160
cards and the D40 drawers/drives?

1. SSA 160 SerialRAID Adapter (14109100) FC 6235 & FC 6231


Currently I do *not* have fast write (6235) installed on SSA160
adapter. When I do smitty ssafastw , I get "1800-051 There is no items
of this type" error

When I do ssa_fw_starus -a ssa0 -c
I get ssa_fw_status : not found.

Is it because I have not installed Fast Write (FC 6235) Option?

In 3 / 4 days, I will be installing FC 6235 & FC 6231, I just want to
be sure that these command (s) work after installing FC 6235 & FC

Or I ALSO need some thing else to Enable Fast-Write on SSA160 Adapater


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