Western Digital Ethercard Plus Elite

Western Digital Ethercard Plus Elite

Post by Terry Lew » Wed, 08 Apr 1992 00:47:06

I'm trying to connect a PS/2 model 30 to an RS6000.  I have
a western digital EtherCard Plus Elite installed in the model
30.  I will be using AADU 1.1  on the model 30.  I have several
drivers that I have obtained from various places but cannot find
documentation on how to install them.  Is there anyone on the list
who has this configured?  I'd like to know what the config.sys and
autoexec.bat look like.  I also have a question on installing AADU.
There is a question that the AADU installation asks and it wants to
know what network interface device you have (or something along those
lines).  There are three choices...1) Ungerman-Bass 2) 3Com 3C501
3) 3Com 3C503.   Should there be more choices?

These may be easily answered questions, however, this is our first
network other than appleshare.  Any help will be appreciated!!

Terry Lewis     KC4YLK

Computer Programmer/Analyst
University of Tennessee, Martin
102 Cooper Hall
Martin, TN  38238


1. Western Digital EtherCard PLUS TP problems

I have an ancient pre-SMC takeover Western Digital EtherCard PLUS TP
card.  I really have no idea if it is wd8003 compatible.  I suppose it is,
and I have compiled support for it into my kernel.  The card is jumpered
to base address 0x280 and irq 5.  

At boot up I get the following:

eth0: WD80x3 at 0x280,  00 00 C0 E0 AD 13 assigning address 0xd0000 WD80003-old
IRQ 5, shared memory at 0xd0000-0xd1fff.

That looks correct to me.

I am running kernel 1.1.86 and have a 1542CF VLB SCSI card, plus a
soundblaster 16 MCD card in the box.


The machine is connected using TPE (RJ45 twisted pair) to a Sun Sparc20
running Solaris 2.4.  I found I had to disable the TPE link test to get
anything to happen at all.  The light on the back of the WD card never
comes on indicating that the link test is not enabled.

I am able to send packets out.  Using 'snoop' on the Sun I can see the
packets arriving from the Linux box.  The problem is that any packets
sent from the Sun to the Linux box are not recognized by the kernel.
I have tried tcpdump on the Linux box and nothing appears.  ifconfig
also tells me that no packets have ever arrived on the eth0 network
interface.  There are no kernel error messages or anything, the packets
just seem to get lost going from the Sun to the Linux box.  Packets
going in the other direction appear to be ok, but since tcp/ip is not
a uni-directional protocol, that doesn't help me much.  

Anybody have any ideas?

Rasmus Lerdorf

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