Help on batch

Help on batch

Post by Carlo » Thu, 01 Feb 2001 04:52:59

Hello.  I'm new in Unix (AIX 4.3.x) and we are in a process of
converting our DG AOS/VS II applications to AIX.  In our DG, we submit
batch jobs to a Batch Queue system which may have multiple streams
assigned certain Queue Priorities so that one stream can only service
one job at a time.  A job may be serviced by a job stream if that jobs
Queue Priority is within the job stream's Queue Priority range.

I'm experimenting on the AIX "batch" command which is equivalent to
the "at" command to run under queue b.  I have created a test script
which sleeps for 40 seconds and runs this script using the "batch"
command.  I submit 5 of these jobs, one after the other.  They all run

manner, but no!

How can I run batch jobs in Unix sequentially?

Thanks for any help on this matter.


Have a nice day.

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