Help with TNG on AIX 4.3.2

Help with TNG on AIX 4.3.2

Post by James Goodwil » Sat, 08 Jun 2002 00:35:06


We're installing TNG on our AIX 4.3.2 systems, and are having trouble with
syslogd and errlog.

TNG needs to have the syslogd running in order to process messages in the
syslog. I've got this working, but the errlog (accessed via errpt) is not
recording the traditional AIX type error messages.

I need TNG to receive all errors generated by the system, and the errlog to
receive the normal PH and TH type errors etc. I know I need to configure the
/etc/syslog.conf file, but I'm not sure what needs to go in it the achieve
the above result.

Can anyone give me someone help me out with this.

The /etc/syslog.conf file looks like this, but it is obviously wrong....


*.err        errlog          # RSF record line (not to delete)
*.debug    /tng/opr/config/UMN1/pipe/oprpipe0007



James G.


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