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Hi everybody,
In todays re:s I found an answer about cdrecord 1.8a versus Yamaha-CDrom
I have AIX 4.3.3.x on rs6k 7009-44, above cdrecord version and Plextor
The new command mkcd run via smit didn't even run past mksysb-part; so I
split it:
- run mksysb to a file in a new volume group on external disk (in one smit
- created 2 filesystems to contain cdrom-fs and image-fs
and then run smit-mkcd providing the above information.
I get stuck after
"Running mkisofs ...
 mkrr_fs was successful.
 Making the personal CD image bootable...
 Writing the CD image to device /dev/cd1...
 Running cdrecord ...
 Cdrecord release 1.8a30 Copyright .. J?rg Schilling
 scsidev:  '1,0'
 cmd finished after 0.005s timeout 40s
I could see that the scsi-address was of the external-disk so I switched
got the confirmation from "lsdev -C" and the result was that now cdrecord
was trying
to address a non-existing scsi-device.

this problem. If I'm doing something faulty, then shout it out, PLEASE!

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My Redhat 6 system is configured with my boot drive on an Adaptec 2940
SCSI card. My CDRW drive is an ATAPI device configured as the master
drive on the first IDE channel. Can someone tell me how to load the
ide-scsi module at boot up and have it handle the ATAPI device? At this
point cdrecord only sees the "real" scsi bus and not the ATAPI device.

Many thanks


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