2-port multiprotocol PCI adapter problem

2-port multiprotocol PCI adapter problem

Post by Laurent CROU » Fri, 24 Aug 2001 17:30:31

I 'm a french AIX user
In a 7026-H70 machine, with 2 2-port multiprotocol PCI adapters
one PCI adapter works well and the other not

lsx25 shows


BOARD         PORT             PORT
dpmpa0 hdlc0 sx25a0 x25s0                                              9
0                     0                         0
dpmpa0 hdlc1 sx25a1 x25s1
0                     1                          1
dpmpa1 hdlc2 sx25a2 x25s2
1                     4                         0
dpmpa1 hdlc3 sx25a3
1                         5                         1

x25sessions shows
Following ports are in available state


x25status shows

PORT            ETAT         PAQUET             CVC     CVP     ECOUTES
sx25a0  Connect(e)                                     1             0
sx25a1  Connect(e)                                     0             0
sx25a2  Connect(e)                                     0             0

sx25a0 and sx25a1 works well but not sx25a2

Question :
1) Why lsx25 says num_port = 4 et num_port = 5 and not 2 and 3 ? Can I
change it ?
2) I think it's an hardware problem, what diag can i use ?



2-port multiprotocol PCI adapter problem

Post by Paul Landa » Fri, 24 Aug 2001 20:12:14

I seem to recall that the AIXLink/X.25 code (lslpp -h 'xs25.*')
had different licensing levels.  Maybe you have the level
installed that allows 2 virtual circuits but you need the
next level which allows 8 or unlimited.  It had something
to do with whether sx25.server was installed or just sx25.rte.

> Question :
> 1) Why lsx25 says num_port = 4 et num_port = 5 and not 2 and 3?

I think these values are assigned in the order in which the
sx25aX virtual ports are defined on top of the hdlcY real ports.
Note that X and Y don't have to be the same, but they usually are.
To see the mapping, do:
  lsattr -E -l sx25a0 | grep hdlc
Maybe you had a third card in this box at one time,
or someone defined multiple sx25aX on an hdlcY
Quote:> Can I change it?

Yes, but it would require deleting all the existing
definitions and readding them in a logical order.

Quote:> 2) I think it's an hardware problem, what diag can i use ?

I use the 'diag' command from within aix on these cards.
There are two levels:
  Diagnostics Routines
  Advanced Diagnostics Routines
Both require that whatever s/w is using the ports be brought
down (so the diags have complete control of that card).
The Advanced Diagnostics needs a small wrap plug that
should have come with the card, but is easily misplaced.
There are tests for the card 'dpmpa0' and the ports 'hdlcX'.
This all requires that you have this lpp installed:
You can also run the standalone diagnostics
(boot from the diagnostics CD).

Have you run:
  hdlcstat hdlcX
where X is 0,1,2,3.  Do all the ports say they see the cable
installed? The cables are these cards are easy to un-seat.

Paul Landay


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