Unix/aix/tcp/ip programmer needed

Unix/aix/tcp/ip programmer needed

Post by L Ster » Wed, 05 Feb 1997 04:00:00

A unix/aix system with tcp/ip and 40-50 end users needs to be improved for
more efficient response time.
Problem:too many endusers accessing the same info simutaneously.

Kernel tuning???

Thank you.


1. UNIX TCP/IP and sockets programmer needed!

Hello.  I am in the dire need of a TCP/IP programmer for the SunOS
operating system.  This will be a simple application that will act as a
server for Windows, Mac and Unix machines that request files in the
background as needed.  It would be a BIG plus if you can also program the
Windows and/or Mac side (or at least have a clue on how!).  This SHOULD be
a quick job, but other development work will be needed in the near future.

If interested, please reply via e-mail.

P.S.  Please leave you voice telephone number in the message.  Thanks.

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