Core in 2nd map::insert STLport 4.5.0/ AIX 4.3.3 / gcc 2.95.x

Core in 2nd map::insert STLport 4.5.0/ AIX 4.3.3 / gcc 2.95.x

Post by a » Tue, 10 Sep 2002 03:01:52

I had a problem similar to the problem described in

In my program a method of a large global object is called.
The method creates dynamic local instance (via new) of class
X and call its initialization method where a sequence of
insertions into private map of X defined as map<string, string>
takes place. At the 2nd insertion the program aborts with
segmentation fault.

The problem is VERY hot for me.
My ideas about this:
- bug in my program (wrong work with memory),
- compiler bug during optimization of STL code,
- bug of STL code (low possibility),

I will try to
- use gcc 3.2,
- disable optimization,
- make debug build and try debugging,
 (I expect that in debug build the problem will disappear),
- switch to another STL allocator (USE_MALLOC etc.),
- use the latest build of STLport,
- use GNU libstd++ STL.

Folk, any other ideas what can I do?
The problem is very HOT for me.

Sincerely, az.


1. Compiling with gcc 2.95 on Solaris 8 --> core dump

Greetings.  We've just installed Solaris 8 on a Sun SPARC 4 system:

# uname -a
SunOS 5.8 Generic sun4m sparc SUNW,SPARCstation-4

We downloaded the precompiled version of gcc 2.95.2 from  When we attempted to configure some software packages,
we noticed that the compiler was consistently labelled as a "cross
compiler".  A little investigation showed that the configure script was
reaching that conclusion because a trivial program could not be run:

# cat junk.c
#line 4240 "configure"
#include "confdefs.h"

# gcc -o junk junk.c
# ./junk
Segmentation Fault (core dumped)

Any idea what we're doing wrong?  Thanks.


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