SP2/HACMP host name problem

SP2/HACMP host name problem

Post by Tom » Fri, 04 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I've a situation that has burned us several times in the past two weeks --
we have a two-node HACMP cluster (cascading) running SAP/R3. We had to do
a re-install of the primary node a month ago because of a rootvg disk
failure (we aren't mirroring rootvg -- this is one of the failures we have
HACMP for). Ever since, the values for hostname and uname -n have been
wrong. bear with me ---

        en0             sp1-n25-en0             reliable ethernet
        en1             colorado-bt               primary interface boot
        en1             colorado                           primary interface run
        en2             colorado-stby            fallover interface

The requirement - uname -n and hostname MUST *always* return 'colorado';
we're getting 'sp1-n25-en0' for both during startup, with the hostname
switching to colorado somewhere in rc.net; uname -n never gets changed.

The challange, of course, is that the hostname/uname we want are not
values that can be entered in the SDR (en1 MUST come up on colorado-bt as
an IP address -- we got hosed in a fallover because the node did a
check-stop reboot and re-broadcast the run-time address *after* HACMP did
the address takeover and arp flush on the other node). What part of the SP
scripts do I need to nuke to use a hostname/uname NOT in the SDR?

Note that we did our re-install from a mksysb of this node; the values
were correct until the pssp software muked it up for us.


Tom Kauffman