3 com XL problems

3 com XL problems

Post by Jaroslaw Micot » Wed, 14 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Machine : IBM RS/6000 43P (375MHz 604e)
Problem: Ethernet configuration

How to configure 3com ethernet XL adapter under AIX 4.2.1

System detects device ent1 - 3com ethernet adapter. How to define device
en1 (or something like this) to use in 'ifconfig'.

We dont have any manual, all man pages  are deleted from this system.
(Scitex brisque)

We think that is something wrong with the build in ethernet card (low
transfer rates - less then 50kB/sec on ethernet 100Mb via TCPIP ). When
we transfer data throw Appletalk all transfers are ok (about 5MB/sec)

Jaroslaw Micota