GCC 2.2.2 for AIX 3.2.2

GCC 2.2.2 for AIX 3.2.2

Post by C.. » Wed, 12 Aug 1992 14:41:19

I am going to install gcc 2.2.2 on my machines running AIX 3.2.2.
As I read the README.RS6000 file, I understand that I should get two
fixes before my installation of gcc 2.2.2: IX22829 and IX26107.
Since I have AIX 3.2.2 running already, do I still need those two
fixes in order to have gcc 3.2.2 working?

Thanks for any information!

Ching Shih


1. Need gcc 2.8.1 for AIX 4.2

I am looking for a place to get a binary copy of gcc 2.8.1 for AIX 4.2.
I need the SMIT-installable lpp package, like the one that BULL used
to provide until IBM obsoleted AIX 4.2.  

Please don't bother to tell me about later versions of gcc or AIX, I
already know that and have them.  But if you can tell me where to get
that package, thanks a MILLION.

In the reply-to, xx is really ix.  comnet is really netcom.

TIA - Maurice

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