Revised TCP/IP performance benchmarks report

Revised TCP/IP performance benchmarks report

Post by Brian Eli » Wed, 26 Dec 1990 13:54:05

A report first made available in April detailing the TCP/IP
performance of AIX/370 and TCP/IP for VM has been revised to include
data for the IBM 3172 Model 1 Interconnect Controller and the
Bus-Tech Ethernet LAN Controller Model 2 (ELC2) FASTCETI emulation.

The revised report may be obtained via anonymous FTP to
( in the following files:

  pub/bti.README        instructions for configuring and installing
                        a Bus-Tech ELC or ELC2 interface under VM
                        and AIX/370

  pub/    performance benchmark report in PostScript

  pub/aixtcpbench.1403  performance benchmark report in line printer
                        format (ASA carriage control)

The 3172-1 benchmarks were performed at all three supported channel
data rates and achieved FTP throughputs in the range of 575-650
kilobytes per second.  The ELC2 FASTCETI throughputs ranged from
885-950 kilobytes per second.  These results were achieved using
AIX/370.  TCP/IP for VM (5798-FAL) results for the 3172 were in the
range of 250-310 kilobytes per second.

Our thanks to RPI's Engineering Computing Services department for
making the 3172 available for the benchmarks.

Brian Eliot
Information Technology Services
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute