Using TDImage

Using TDImage

Post by Rudie Bree » Sat, 15 Dec 1990 01:21:34

Speaking from Dark Africa I would like to know how well the TDI animation
system was ported to the RS 6000. How fast does it run compared against
the SGI series? Does it run on the 320 (according to the blurbs yes, but
rumours have ..)? Are the file formats compatible across SGI and RS?
I heard that data transformed from a Personal Iris rendered upside down
on a 520.

Any responses will greatly be appreciated.


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I like the keyboard shortcuts in enlightenment, however, I'm runing into a
few problems:

1. I can't use the WIN key for any shortcuts. For example, I would like WIN
to open the menu (like windows)
2. I tried setting keys to Ctrl + Alt + Shift + <some key>. They work while
I'm in session, but as soon as I log out, they get changed to Ctrl + Shift.
Even if I save the session.
3. When I change settings, do they get stored in some conf file? That would
be nice so that I could perform edits to import changes quickly instead of
going through the GUI. I grepped on obvious strings, but I couldn't find a
configuration file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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