xlf 2.1 under AIX 3.1.5 for RS/6000-540 and SPEC numbers

xlf 2.1 under AIX 3.1.5 for RS/6000-540 and SPEC numbers

Post by Vic Abe » Sat, 29 Jun 1991 01:16:24

Some early testing of the new Fortran compiler that comes with AIX 3.1.5
for the RS/6000 (xlf 2.1) has resulted in increased SPECfp and SPECmark
numbers (version 1.0A of SPEC).   On a 540 with 128 MB of memory, the
locally computed SPECfp went from 44.7 to 58.6, raising the locally
computed SPECmark from 35.4 to 41.2.  SPECint underwent little change.

Other tests show widely differing performance gains.  Two local Fortran
codes gained about 10%.  Whetstones rose from 33K to 49k (for the little
that's worth).

Using the xlf 2.1 pre-processor was the key to achieving these performance


1. SPEC performance numbers for new RS/6000 models

IBM finally announced some new workstations today. The 43P Model 150
replaces the Model 140 and uses a 604e at 375 MHz. The Model 260 uses one
or two POWER3 chips at 200 MHz. Are the performance figures for these
machines a secret? I cannot find any SPEC numbers anywhere in the
announcement documents on www.austin.ibm.com.

The documents claim that the Model 260 has better floating-point
performance than a 397 (sounds good!), and that the Model 150 has an
improved memory subsystem (it could hardly be worse than the one on the
Model 140) as well as a faster clock. But where are the numbers to back up
these claims?

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