F30 & 128-port Asynch Adapter

F30 & 128-port Asynch Adapter

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Well, I've got a question. I just received a RISC 6000 F30 with a 128-port
Asynch. adapter card and two 16-port RAN boxes. The card's installed, the
software's installed, and I can define the cxia0 device. But when I try to
configure the device, I get the following --

Method error (/usr/lib/methods/cfgcxma):
     0514-040 Error initializing a device to the kernel

I didn't get a single manual for the F30 or the Adapter or RAN boxes -- I
guess they're coming later. In the meantime I've got two Wyse60 terminals
that I need up and running downstairs by next week...

Any help at all will be rewarded handsomely with warm thoughts and
heartfelt gratitude...



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Using cu to evaluate the top speed of the port may lead you to think
that the port is not as capable as it is. Find a better measure!

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