One Way Network Performance Problem

One Way Network Performance Problem

Post by Harry Hinder » Fri, 26 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi everybody,

we have a serious problem with the network performance on our RS/6000-
550. The connection to the network works fine and the transmit speed
about 800 kB/s. But the receive data transfer runs only with 8 kB/s.
workstation has a 10MBit ethernet card working in half duplex mode. It
connected to the network over a switch and a AUI/RJ45 transceiver. The

output of the command 'entstat -d ent0' is the following:

Device Type: Ethernet High Performance LAN Adapter
Hardware Address: 02:60:8c:2e:0e:f7
Elapsed Time: 1 days 20 hours 31 minutes 58 seconds

Transmit Statistics:                          Receive Statistics:
--------------------                          -------------------
Packets: 38059                                Packets: 38658
Bytes: 34391451                               Bytes: 31174627
Interrupts: 38064                             Interrupts: 38657
Transmit Errors: 5                            Receive Errors: 0
Packets Dropped: 0                            Packets Dropped: 0
                                              Bad Packets: 0
Max Packets on S/W Transmit Queue: 0        
S/W Transmit Queue Overflow: 0
Current S/W+H/W Transmit Queue Length: 0

Broadcast Packets: 8                          Broadcast Packets: 10206
Multicast Packets: 2                          Multicast Packets: 0
No Carrier Sense: 253                         CRC Errors: 0
DMA Underrun: 3                               DMA Overrun: 0
Lost CTS Errors: 0                            Alignment Errors: 0
Max Collision Errors: 0                       No Resource Errors: 0
Late Collision Errors: 0                      Receive Collision
Errors: 0
Deferred: 0                                   Packet Too Short Errors:
SQE Test: 0                                   Packet Too Long Errors:
Timeout Errors: 0                             Packets Discarded by
Adapter: 0
Single Collision Count: 0                     Receiver Start Count: 1
Multiple Collision Count: 0
Current HW Transmit Queue Length: 0

General Statistics:
No mbuf Errors: 0
Adapter Reset Count: 0
Driver Flags: Up Broadcast Running
        Simplex AlternateAddress 64BitSupport

Ethernet High Performance LAN Adapter Specific Statistics:
Receive Buffer Pool Size: 37
Transmit Buffer Pool Size: 39
In Promiscuous Mode for IP Multicast: No
Packets Uploaded from Adapter: 0
Host End-of-List Encountered: 0
82586 End-of-List Encountered: 0
Receive DMA Timeouts: 0
Adapter Internal Data: 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0

Have anybody an idea why the receive data speed is so slow ?

Thanks for your help,

Harry Hinderer


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