X11 Release 4 on IBM RT with AIX.

X11 Release 4 on IBM RT with AIX.

Post by Jason Levi » Wed, 17 Jan 1990 18:34:48

 Has anyone ported X Release 4 to the IBM RT running AIX 2.2.1?
A friend of mine tried to compile it, got a large number of errors,
and then gave up after 2 days of trying. Anybody had better luck?

 Also, anyone know if Motif is available?

 I'll summarize to the net....



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1. gnuemacs + X11 + Rt + aix 2.2

howdy netlanders,
        i am having problems dumping emacs under aix 2.2 on an rt.
./temacs seems to be o.k. but when it gets invoked to create the
dumped executable (xemacs)  it has problems finding the lisp files to
load.  for some reason it seems that the first character in _ALL_
requested file names is beening lost. so, for example.  ./temacs turns
into /temacs and ./../etc/version.el turns into /../etc/version.el.
anyone have any ideas?

also has anyone been able to get the MIT X11 distribution compiled and
running under aix 2.2?  

thanks in advance

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