DLT 7205-311 (DLT 7000) settings

DLT 7205-311 (DLT 7000) settings

Post by Christine R Coope » Wed, 23 Jun 1999 04:00:00


I have installed a DLT 7205-311 (IBM's version of a DLT 7000) on my 7013
J40 server.  The drive was seen on boot up and shows a good status:

mode          yes   Use DEVICE BUFFERS during writes  True
block_size    0     BLOCK size (0=variable length)    True
extfm         yes   Use EXTENDED file marks           True
ret           no    RETENSION on tape change or reset True
density_set_1 26    DENSITY setting #1                True
density_set_2 27    DENSITY setting #2                True
compress      yes   Use data COMPRESSION              True
size_in_mb    35000 Size in Megabytes                

I have been noticing several problems:

1) I place a DLT Compat IIIXT tape in the drive and then try to perform
a tar using:

tar -cvf /dev/rmt2 /

About half way through I get a "tar media surface is damaged" followed
by a Tape_ERR1 message in errpt.  I open a brand new tape and try the
same thing and get the same error.  This is not bad tapes because I can
then use these tapes on another system and I good backups.

It should be noted that the light on the tape drive shows the correct
density 15GB.

I tried various block sizes like -b 128 etc.. and could not get a tar to
complete with the compact IIIXT tapes in the drive

2) I try to put a compact IV tape in the drive.  The 20GB light comes on
(should be 35 shouldn't it?)

I then perform various tar's and other activities and they work.

Anyone know why the DLT IV tape shows up only with a 20GB size?  
Any special settings I need to change to in order to use the IIIXT

The only notice I have seen is that when you are using IIIXT tapes you
need to change Density Setting 1 to 25 (I got this from the AIX 4.3 on
line documentation).  I am currently running AIX 4.2.1.

Christine Cooper


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Hi everybody,

We got a couple of DLT 7205-311 tape units, which have been in use for a
little over a year now, without any of the cleaning LEDs coming on.

I once read that ' preventive' cleaning a DLT tape unit will damage the
drive, and that a DLT unit should only be cleaned when a cleaning LED comes

But a year without cleaning seems pretty long...

I was just wondering if it is common to go a year without a cleaning LED
coming on on the DLT 7205-311?!


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