Post by Bob Sande » Sat, 20 Mar 1993 23:46:05

Has anyone been able to succesfully build and
run aXe-4.1 on AIX 3.2.1 running X11R4?

Thanks in Advance.

Robert Sanders

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Post by Tom McConnel » Sun, 21 Mar 1993 05:28:34

> Has anyone been able to succesfully build and
> run aXe-4.1 on AIX 3.2.1 running X11R4?

  "Succesfully" is an interesting word in this context. Yes, I have built
aXe-4.1 under AIX-3.2 (AIX-3.2.2 in my case) using IBM's X11R4. It has some
interesting problems with updating the title bar and the "command description
window" or whatever it's called.

  In general it seems to work. You need an xmkmf that understands IBM. Several
have been posted, but here is a very simple version that you can use:

---IBM xmkmf--------------------IBM xmkmf--------------IBM xmkmf---------------
# This is the IBM RS/6000 implementation of xmkmf. Only works for AIX-3.2.

if [ -f $what ]; then
        rm -f ${what}.bak
        mv $what ${what}.bak

echo "Making $what from Imakefile"
$xtop/bin/imake -DTOPDIR=$xtop -I$xtop/config $what
---IBM xmkmf--------------------IBM xmkmf--------------IBM xmkmf---------------

Do not try to "make depend", just make the Makefile and go.

  I would recommend you use X11R5 instead, but this should work.


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