LDAP replacement with Rsync

LDAP replacement with Rsync

Post by Mike Discenz » Tue, 06 Aug 2002 21:50:23

Just finished writing a "replacement" for LDAP using rsync.  It involves two
scripts, one on the source machine, and one on the target.

Let me know if you are interested and I'll send you the scripts along with
some directions.


1. rsync replacement for rdist

        After reading the "Datagrams" column in the March issue of SunExpert I
downloaded and compiled " rsync" on a Sun/Solaris-2.6 workstation .  

(1) (using the gcc compiler) I ran "configure" (in the directory
created when I extracted the data with "tar") then,
(2) ran "/usr/ccs/bin/make" ( Is this the correct "make"?  I am an
absolute newbie when it comes to this, I try to find a package and use
pkgadd, but I couldn't find one this time.)
(3) I then ran " /usr/ccs/bin/make  install".

         Everything looked o.k., but when I try to use the utility

                rsync -ravz  dir/file   mach:/dir

 I get the following error returned:

                protocol version mismatch - is your shell clean?

But I can use rsync to update directories on my local machne.

Related info ??
        Ever since I upgraded from Solaris 2.4, rcp has not worked.  Is this
related?, I think It could be.
        I'm have no clue.  I've searched in the news groups for rsync info and
found something related to a dirty shell. Since we, as a rule, don't
use a ksh shell, and rsync does, I assume it's using
/etc/skel/local.profile for its .profile file.  
        I looked into SSH shell, but that looks like a whole new can-of-worms.

 Is there any hope?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

                                        Dennis G.

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