7137-514 RAID Array

7137-514 RAID Array

Post by Michael Deaco » Sat, 18 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Midwest Technology has 3 of the below units available:

7137-514    Disk Array Subsystem
W/                8 x 4.5GB SCSI-2 F/W Disk Drives $2,100.00

I also have an over stock of the below items:


The above items comes with a 30 day warranty and is guaranteed acceptable
for IBM maintenance.

For other great deals visit www.mtleasing.com/hot1.html

Thank you,
Michael Deacon
Midwest Technology
(800) 787-6364


1. 7137 disk array problem

we have two IBM RS-6000 ( J-40 ) and  1 no. of 7137 disk array in one of
our customer location. The disk array has been configured both in
cascading and concurrent mode. We have tried to load oracle
7.3( parallel server ) in the concurrent vol. group.Aix ver is
while creating raw partition and database ( table space ) in the raw
partiton the system showing " media srface error "in hdisk2 & hdisk3.
error code: c050 & c030 respectively.
we had ran media certification in curren shell diag. in both hdisk2 &
hdisk3 in the concurren vol . group. but it went through w/o any error.
Then we removed hdisk2 & hdisk3 from con.vol. gr. and configured
the concurrent vol. gr. with other disks, and reinitialized the whole
disk array.Still the same prob. persists while working with oracle 8.
We had gone through the manuals of RS-6000 & 7137 disk array but
could not found any such error code mentioned above.
It is unknown to us whethere the error is due to hard disk media, or due
to AIX 4.2 or, due to oracle 7.3.
pls. provide us some solution at the earliest.

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