Upgrade questions 3.2.5 > 4.?

Upgrade questions 3.2.5 > 4.?

Post by John Hainswort » Thu, 19 Dec 1996 04:00:00

AIX Guru's, and anyone who may have some answers.......

My company has two AIX systems, a 590 server and a 290
which is primarily used as a terminal server for remote users
to connect to the 590 from another plant (a T-1 line connects
the two sites). Both systems are currently at AIX 3.2.5. We've
got Win95 PC's on a Novell network, using a telnet term. pkg.
to access the AIX system.

Questions for anyone who's upgraded:

1. I've heard that AIX 4.2 is out, how long has it been out, and is it
stable ?

2. Is there a migration document available from IBM and is it detailed
    enough to describe most "normal" environments ?

3. About how long does the upgrade take to complete ?

4. What sort of network problems have other had after going to 4.x ?

Anyone with information can either leave messages here, or drop me
a line:

Any info would be appreciated !



1. Upgrade Problem: Redhat 5.2 -> 6.1 question --->

Hi -

       It's been awhile since I upgraded Redhat but have a nicely
running version of 5.2 at the moment. Yesterday I ftp'd all the 6.1
files onto a partition under /RedHat/RPMS & /RedHat/base and made a boot
diskette using the latest boot.img and rawrite. I was able to boot off
the diskette, tell it the correct partition & have it find it , answer a
few questions and off it went to parse the RPM files..

       About 30 seconds into that operation, it came back with a
pagefull of errors concerning python 1.5 (I've got python 1.5-1.5 on RH
5.2 and in the 6.1 RPMS dir I've got python 1.5-2.7). The errors
culminate in one final statement about an undefined symbol. Of course,
I've no idea what they're talking about but here's what I tried:

1) In order to determine whether it was a problem with the installed
python or the 'to-be-installed' python version, I tried doing a clean
install of linux (up to a point before it'd trash my 5.2 installation)
and it came up with the problem again. That means that it must be a
problem with the 6.1 install from HD.

2) Tried to install python manually using RPM but there's so many
dependencies (and important ones too! ) that I couldn't determine
anything this way.

Anyway: This strikes me as a pretty generic problem if I can just
download all the files for 6.1 and have success with the boot disk and
the finding of the files yet have a problem. Has anyone else here had a
similar problem with installing or upgrading of redhat 6.1 after ftp'ing
it to your system? I suppose a 6.1 cd doesn't count if it's even
released yet -

           thanks -


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