PS2/70, 3COM 3C523, RS6K/AIX3.2, PC-NFS hangs few times a day

PS2/70, 3COM 3C523, RS6K/AIX3.2, PC-NFS hangs few times a day

Post by Geert Ro » Thu, 10 Sep 1992 18:16:39

Overhere we have three PS 2 model 70s all using 3COM 3C523 Etherlink MC
network cards using an IBM RS-6000 as primary host and a few times a
day the PS-2s hang. In some cases even CTRL-ALT-DEL does not work

This happens even when you leave the PS-2 idle (with network software
installed). It has not changed over different DOS versions, different
PC/NFS versions and different AIX versions. We also have `normal' PCs
(ATs) using a different card without problems.

Anyone with good or bad experience with similar machines/cards/software??
Thanks in advance,

                Geert Rolf


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     A little while ago, I noticed that someone had mentioned the
ps2esdi.tgz file that contains the drive to get linux going on a ps2
(microchannel) computer with esdi drive.  It just so happens that my
computer is a mod 70 that meets this desc, and i was hoping that I
could get some hints on how to do the installation from anyone that
has gotten linux up and running on a microchannel esdi computer.  Any
assistance would be extremely appreciated.  


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