AIX 5.1 (First) Maintenance level update

AIX 5.1 (First) Maintenance level update

Post by Bernard Dhoogh » Fri, 29 Jun 2001 19:02:40

In (accessed by fixdist) there is -still- no
maintenance level for AIX 5.1. Is there a date known for a first
maintenance level release on AIX 5.1?

Bernard Dhooghe


1. 5.1 maintenance level 3 update breaks libc

On a 640-B50 pseries at 5100-02, downloaded the maintenance
package (volume one) to go to 5100-03. Created the toc and
let smitty update_all go. It seemed to proceed properly until
it replaced libc. Then it complains about almost all commands:
Could not load program lslpp:
Symbol resolution failed for /usr/lib/libc.a(shr.o) because:
        Symbol getvtid (number 258) is not exported from dependent
          module /unix.
Examine .loader section symbols with the 'dump -Tv' command.
The page at

mentions checking for IY32749 for potential jfs2 problems.
This was already installed prior to trying this update.

Daniel Packman

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