AIX SP jobs

AIX SP jobs

Post by Larry Davi » Sat, 10 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I have many SPs, some that are so quiet, you forget your the admin...
I also have  SP complexes that are state of the art. Latest and
greatest technology (RVSD, GPFS, VSS, Oracle Parallel..)
Requires a crisp mind...

I am in need of 5 AIX SP talented individuals.
If you possess at least one year of AIX SP
system administration experience and would like
to come work for a very large communications

Like all positions, pay is based on experience and
qualifications, determined through a technical interview.
AIX SP certification is a definite plus, but not required.

You know your good.


1. Job in UK - SP, AIX


Seeking individual with good SP/AIX skills for (interesting) job in UK

Good rates, great team, training, car, etc

Permanent position (sorry - no contracts available)

(Apologies to the group in advance for using this forum for this purpose,
but I'm desperate!)

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