prt_pvmap (AIX 3.1)

prt_pvmap (AIX 3.1)

Post by Pat Wils » Thu, 04 Apr 1991 08:06:35

Looks like I've managed to*_something_ up on one of my RS/6000/320s:
when I try to lspv my disk, I get

        Could not load program lspv
        Symbol prt_pvmap in lspv is undefined

I can't seem to find and reference to prt_pvmap in info (for example,
where it might be found).  Things look odd in /etc/objrepos (there
are some files around dated 1/1/70), but most things look ok.  The machine
is running normally, as far as I can tell, and all the right volumes are
varyon'd.  lsps gets upset, too:
        0516-022 : Illegal parameter or structure value.
        0516-304 getlvodm: Unable to find device id 0000000300000027 in the Device
                Configuration Database.
        0516-022 : Illegal parameter or structure value.
        0516-022 : Illegal parameter or structure value.
        0516-022 : Illegal parameter or structure value.

but I do get (reasonable looking) numbers, eventually.

Can someone point me in the right direction?  I'll gladly RTFM if I
know which M to R...

Pat Wilson
Systems Manager, Project NORTHSTAR


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