Post by Ke » Sun, 12 Jan 2003 06:44:24

I'm looking to setup our test server to use NIM to install 5.1 to our
other servers. I'm fairly a newbie to this and looking for guidance.
Any suggestions to install 5.1 to the other servers. What
modifications to I need to make to the bos.inst file and what other
files are affected.

Thanks in advance


1. NIM question - Install 4.3.3 from a 5.1 NIM server

Hi All,

I have a NIM master currently running at 4.3.3. All of my nim clients
are currently at 4.3.3 also. Now, I have a need to install a 5.1
client, so I'm looking to upgrade my NIM master to 5.1 first in order
to be able to use NIM to install the 5.1 client.

My question is whether or not I will continue to be able to install
4.3.3 clients from the upgraded 5.1 NIM master? I'm going to get them
all to 5.1 eventually, but in the meantime, I need to be able to
install 4.3.3 via NIM as part of my disaster recovery plan.

Any thoughts? Should it work? Thanks in advance for any help or

Don Whitlow

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