Please ignore the '1', Sorry .

Please ignore the '1', Sorry .

Post by u312.. » Mon, 04 Jan 1993 05:09:00

Dear All Users :

    Please ignore the subject '1' of that message. It's my test VAX 'post'
 command, but I don't know where it goes. At last I find it's here.

    Sorry for my mistake.

    Albert Tseng


1. please send me a 'fax' script (ignore prev.)


I've recently bought a 14400 modem fax (no brand) and have little
experience. I'd like to use its fax capabilities and got the package
'efax', but I can't get the 'fax' script to dial the number. It's
clearly a problem of modem initialization.

Could anyone please send me their 'fax' script, or at least the
initialization part of it? Thank you in advance.


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