Help - tricky hard drive/config problem with Model 10 RT

Help - tricky hard drive/config problem with Model 10 RT

Post by Jayant V. Rag » Sat, 31 Mar 1990 06:19:18

        I am novice with the RT and would like any help or suggestions
to get my system up and running.

        The hardware is IBM 6151 Model 10 with a 40 Meg hard drive.  It
is running AIX 1.01.   (Both the hardware and OS are rather antique
but I would like to get it up and running before I invest any more
into this system!).

        The problem history:

        I was using the Usability Services programs (no outside vendor
software involved) when the screen froze - i.e., any input from the
keyboard was being ignored.  After trying everything I could think
of I turned the power off and after waiting for a few minutes turned
it on again.  Now the system would not boot.

        I ran the diagnostics and everything checked out correctly - no
problems were found.  So I proceeded to verify installation (command
within the diagnostics).  When this was done it reported a problem
(message no. 046-042) - configuration on minidisk 0 not correct or
missing.  (Looks like data was destroyed when I powered down the
system).  Then I ran the disk drive diagnostics again for about 2.5
hours and no errors were detected.  Same results when booted. (The
configuration seen using the utilities within the diagnostics yields
the correct configuration).

        Next I decided to try and install everything over again - VRM
yielded the same problem (hardware failure reported - code indicated
the 40 M disk drive).  Ran the diagnostics again but still no problem
found.  Next I tried to format the hard drive in the hope of trying
to start from scratch.  Again hardware problem indicating 40 M hard
drive.  Since then I have run all the diagnostics many times - so
far no problems found.

        I am at a loss for new ideas and hence would like to draw on the
experience of the people on the net to see if I can come up with any
method of bringing up the system.  In connection with this I have a
couple of questions:

1. Is there any debugging tool that will let me go in and patch the
   config information on the disk and if so how can I get a copy of
   this utility?  Also where can I get more detailed information on
   the exact contents of the two tracks of data that is needed on the

2. Is there any utility which will let me do a low level format of
   the hard drive?  If so how can I get a copy of the same.

3. If there is indeed some utility to do the low level format how
   do you get the configuration data on to the disk?

        I would appreciate any suggestion or pointers in getting around
this problem.  Please email the replies to me and I will summarize
if there is any interest.

        Thanks in advance for all the help


P.S.  There is a possibility that I may lose the net connection in
      about 2 weeks.


Racal-Milgo/Atlanta                     (404)442-4750 (off)
1111 Alderman Dr, Alpharetta, GA 30201  (404)972-0731 (res)

Racal-Milgo/Atlanta                     (404)442-4750 (off)
1111 Alderman Dr, Alpharetta, GA 30201  (404)972-0731 (res)