Seeking 3rd party vendors for XNS on RS6000/AIX

Seeking 3rd party vendors for XNS on RS6000/AIX

Post by Dave Arno » Thu, 20 Jun 1991 06:11:41

Is anybody running XNS on a RS6000/AIX platform,
or any AIX platform for that matter?

Any company interested in doing a port?

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1. vendor/3rd party extentions to RFC1179 for more than 1000 jobs

Two questions:

        1) which vendors have extended lp/lpd to allow
           more than 1000 jobs in the queue (which is the
           limit by RFC 1179 for job numbers)?

        2) can anyone please pass along any web-pointers
           to docs which describe the changes to the control
           files and etc that are needed to set this up
           (e.g., what options does one set in various config.
           files to enable/disable it for local and remote

I'm looking for info similar to that which I found
at this location for LPRng:

I've heard HPUX and Sun (Solaris or SunOS - which one?)
have done this, but I don't have ready access to
machines of (or docs for) either type.

I'm interested in any other 3rd-party implementation
as well (like LPRng).  [And again, I'm specifically
interested in ways to extend RFC 1179-based systems,
not other systems with entirely different internal
protocol standards.]

Posted replies or e-mail will be
greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


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