question regard rootvg and transfering it from a crash!

question regard rootvg and transfering it from a crash!

Post by Thomas Wale » Thu, 01 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I hope I am sending this to the right place.  preamble: I am a newbie to aix
so bear with me.

the problem:  our old C20 died.  hard drive is usable.  I am bringing up a
390 temporarily to act as a sub until money is there for a 43P.

390 has same amount of memory, 2 hard drives instead of 1 and is basically
adequate for the job.

the question: I have already installed 4.1.5 with all the patches in the
390.  the C20 is also 4.1.5

how does one take the drive (rootvg) in the C20, hook it up to the 390 with
its own (rootvg) and get the data off of the C20 drive.  I am not asking
about the physical move, but rather the conflict in names - i.e. two
rootvg's.  I have checked on IBM's numerous web sites with no luck.
I have seen some threads in comp.unix.aix about doing it but no details.   I
have also looked for info on renaming the 390 rootvg to another name and
then hooking up the C20 drive and doing an import of that volume, again no
luck.  but before I start....  and*up a vital machine for our corp.
 I have multiple backups of the filesystems (tar for just some and also
mksysb for the entire old system - just in case)

can a rootvg be renamed and still boot?

if I rename it, what does that do to the filesystems already there?

can or should I rename the incoming rootvg and preserve its filesystems or
will that importing change them?

can I then rename the first rootvg (on the 390) back to rootvg when I am
done copying the filesytems from the C20?

or is this just too complicated to even consider???

ibm sites (and I spent a good part of yesterday looking)  offer little in
the way of info.  I have been to the rs6000, aixtechnical, ibmlink,
ibmsupport and others with no luck on renaming a rootvg or how to take a
hard drive and transfer contents without odm and related files that make it
unique to the old system to the new system.  again this may come up again
when we upgrade to a newer box.

any and all comment would be welcome as well as a idea on how to do it and
possibly info on a procedure.

thanks in advance for all your replies.

Thomas Walega