RS/6000 vs. HP9000 for SAP

1. Ethernet: Stratus, HP9000, RS/6000 Connect

We have established an ethernet backbone using 'thinnet' cabling.  On the
backbone we have multiple pc's, a HP router, a fiber link, another HP router,
an HP/9000-890 and a Risc System/6000-520H.  Because of some/most of the pc's
on the lan we are using version 2 ethernet.  The RS/6K is acting as a router
linking an x.25 WAN, a token-ring and an IBM 3090-500J (attached by a BMX
channel attach) to the ethernet.  The device driver I have set up for the
RS/6K is en0, standard ethernet.  The HP/9K ethernet attachment will accept
both standard ethernet and 802.3 and can determine with which flavor to respond.All is working well.  My pc's can access CICS appl's.  My HP/9K can access
other RS/6K's across the WAN.

I need to attach a Stratus to the ethernet.  The ethernet board has a 15-pin
D-type connecter.  I attached a transceiver cable and a 'Connex' transciever
(from Black Box) to the ethernet board.  The transceiver then connects to the
thinnet coax.  So, what I have done is removed the terminator from the RS/6K
and added another length of coax, connected the coax to the transceiver and
placed the terminator on the open end of the 'tee'.  Now my LAN doesn't work
at all.  I can do a 'self' ping at each node, but I cannot ping anywhere
beyond.  As soon as I remove the Stratus, all returns to normal.

My next step was to create a segment with only the Stratus at one end and the
RS/6K at the other.  Still no pings cross the LAN.  After speaking with my
Stratus rep I was told that even though the Stratus board supports both
standard and 802.3 ethernet, tcp/ip sets the board to 802.3.  I then tested
my 'private' segment after defining an 802.3 driver, et0, for the RS/6K.
Still no luck.

I called the IBM AIX support desk and they have no records of anyone attempting
this type of link and were at a loss to provide any help.  If anyone has any
suggestions they will be much appreciated.

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