C++ for AIX version 4.3

C++ for AIX version 4.3

Post by Andry Gunawa » Fri, 03 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone know how to install C++ for AIX version 4.3 on AIX 4.2.1 ?
Ihave installp using i4cfg and i4blt command but the license still
cannot register automatically, the reason is come out from the machine
is no license server are active.

If there somebody can help me i will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


C++ for AIX version 4.3

Post by Stim » Sat, 04 Dec 1999 04:00:00

>Does anyone know how to install C++ for AIX version 4.3 on AIX 4.2.1 ?
>Ihave installp using i4cfg and i4blt command but the license still
>cannot register automatically, the reason is come out from the machine
>is no license server are active.

>If there somebody can help me i will be appreciated.

>Thanks a lot.

Use this description and if you are upgrading from an old C or C++
version don't forget to use:
/usr/vac/bin/replaceCSET replace your old links.

Greetz, Reb

Loading the C  Compiler Version 4.4  or  C++ compiler.  This is AIX
 above  with the new Visual Age compilers.  The license is contained
 software package.  You do not need to call IBM for a license.
 that if your operating system is 4.3.2, you need the latest
 cannot use the older Version 3 compilers on 4.3.2. (per IBM).  

 1) Install software and all prereqs.  Including the Iforls software
  iforls     iforls1  
 lslpp -l vac.C   (to see if comitted and installed)  

 NOTE:   If you have version 4.2.1 of the operating system you need to
 download softare for the LUM before installing.   Do a lslpp -l
"*ifor*" |
 more.  The only original fileset you want to keep is bos.rte.ifor_ls
(run time
 iforls)   You need to remove all other ifor files....the
bos.ifor.client and
 bos.ifor.server if installed.  (remove through smit).  

 Download the filesets if you are on 4.2.1 only....NOT FOR 4.3:  
 download to a directory   bos.net, IFOR_ls.base, IFOR_ls.client,
 IFOR_ls.compat, IFOR_LS.libraries, and IFOR_ls.msg.en_US.    Install
 your system ...Remember if you have DB2 or other products to install
 license....make sure to get the patches first then install.  LUM is
 if the IFOR_ls.client.base and IFOR..client.gui keeps the DB2 from
 writing the AIX LUM.  If it is not there, it will be overwritten.

 2) Look for the readme file in /usr/vac  or /usr/vac/bin  and follow

 3) cd /var/ifor  

 4) ./i4cfg -stop  

 5) ./i4cfg -script  


 From a License Management point of view,  
 you can choose to configure this system as:  

      1) Network License Client  
      2) Nodelock License Server (and/or Network License Client)  
      3) Network (and/or Nodelock) License Server  
      4) Central Registry (and/or Network and/or Nodelock) License
Server (*)  

 (*) Remember that one and only one Central Registry License Server
 daemon) can be active  
     in a Licensing domain.  

 Please indicate your choice [1,2,3,4]:          2  

 Choose the desired Server(s) logging level  
       1) Default  
       2) All  
       3) Customized  

 Please indicate your choice [1,2,3]:      1  

 The default Log file(s) path is /var/ifor  
 Enter blank to accept default or specify a new path:  (just press

 Server configuration is complete.  


 Do you want to configure this machine as a Network License Client
 [y,n]:      n  


 Do you want the License Server(s) automatically start on this system

 at boot time? [y,n]:     y  

 WARNING: Configuration is about to end.  
          This is your last chance to quit before your updates will be


 Do you want to continue? [y,n]:   y  
 *** Configuration file updated. ***  

 Do you want the License Server(s) start now? [y,n]:  y  


  NOTE:  for Version 3.6.4 of VAC software the instructions are the
 lslpp "IBMCXX.*" | more and make sure installed...  
 the directory for the license is  /usr/IBMCxx  and you are modifying


 6) ./i4cfg -start  
 7) ./i4cfg  -list  
 8) cd /usr/vac  
 9) look for file   c44aix_cn.lic  (  for version 4.4  of AIX C
 10) cp c44aix_cn.lic /var/ifor/c44aix_cn.lic  
 11) cd /var/ifor  
 12) vi  c44aix_cn.lic  
 13) (READ THE README....) but  look for -R  "admin_name"   (change
 name to root)  
 14) edit  iforblt  and put a ./ in front of it  
 15) -T line  -T #_of_licenses   change to  -T 2 (if you purchased two
 licenses) (remember replace the line #_of_licenses with the numeric

 16) look for  [license certificate]    and delete everything on down
 including license certificate....you can also add an exit 0 to the
of the
 file if you don't want to delete.  
 17) chmod 744 on file  
 18) run file  ./c44aix_cn.lic  
 19) cd /usr/vac/bin  
 20) ./replaceCSET  (look for close spelling.)  
 21)  cd /     which cc   (to see if it will pull the correct cc
 22)  if you don't have a file to compile try touch foo.c  and then cc
foo.c (you
 will get errors, but it should compile)  
 try compiling.  

 Note:  If you are reconfiguring IFORLS, try to cd /var/ifor and
.dat and
 .ibx files then run the ./i4cfg -script  again  


-= Wie met beide benen op de grond blijft staan, komt geen stap verder =-


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