Data Link Provider Interface

Data Link Provider Interface

Post by Jens-Uwe Mag » Thu, 31 Dec 1992 04:24:56

I just stumbled over the dlpi interface supplied with AIX 3.2. As I have
quite a few network tracing utilities that work with DLPI I though I could
attempt to get them running. The info document is a bit thin on data link
providers, they refer to the specific provider documentation for address
formats. But info does not find anything on the dlpi drivers in /dev/dlpi
(en, et and tr on my system). Does anybody has any more information on
the sap formats used by DL_BIND on these devices? Also I would be interested
if DL_PROMISCON_REQ is supported.

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1. Programming with Data Link Provider Interface

I'm working to my thesis about network monitoring and i'm programming with
DLPI (Data Link Provider Interface) available with SunOS 5.0 which enables to
work directly with datalink layer and so with packets.
My problem is this:
I must open the datalink provider, attach the file descriptor to a "Physical
Point of Attachment" (PPA), and bind a service access point (SAP) address to
the file descriptor.
My question is:
What is PPA and SAP? I didn't understand that and I'd be glad if somebody
explains the meaning of these terms with some examples.
Thanx in advance

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