Rexx implemented for AIX31 / RS6000?

Rexx implemented for AIX31 / RS6000?

Post by Markus Schul » Sun, 06 Jan 1991 16:54:32

Hi !

I'm looking for the programming language rexx. It should be implemented
on some AIX... does anybody know anything about this? Please reply here,
or to me personally.

I'm thankful for ANY replys!

Ciao, markuss


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Hello people,

I am a newbie to AIX , just cleared AIX test 191 , was practising on a
old (leased from a friend)powerstation 220 for the test.

Now i am interested in getting a used RS6000 machine as i planning to
load AIX 5L, version5.1 on it and add it to my home network . of a
linux/2K setup. This machine will be mainly used to learn RS6000
installation/configuration(which i already know to an extent),
internetworkign with linux and windows platforms.

I found IBM RS6000 43P-100 100mhz/160mb/2.2GB/FD/CD on ebay . Will
this work with a regular VGA monitor?
I heard all the 43P's and above are PCI based and work with regular
monitors and keyboards and not IBM propriety ones. Please help , or
suggest a different configuration ,


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