Is there a program to display CPU load on the Risc-6000?

Is there a program to display CPU load on the Risc-6000?

Post by Tim Fredri » Sat, 19 Jan 1991 03:05:46

On our other machines we're used to xload, top, the "w" command, etc., for
showing CPU load.  It helps our users to know what kind of impact their
application is having on their computing environment.

How can I obtain this capability for the IBM Risc-6000 (AIX 3.1 pl3002)?


1. Need help with raw mode programs (AIX3.1 Risc-6000)

I am having trouble porting programs that want to use the tty in raw mode
usually for the purpose of serial data transfers.  These programs include
macget, macput, xmodem, pcomm, etc.  They use BSD line disciplines, but
something like:

    stty disp bsd ; macget stuff ; stty disp posix

doesn't seem to work for me.  These programs usually set up the terminal
with calls to ioctl such as:

    struct sgttyb ntty;
    ntty.sg_flags = RAW|ANYP;  /* Sets RAW mode, 8-bit i/f, any parity */
    ioctl (ttyfd, TIOCSETP, &ntty);

Can anyone tell me how to convert these programs to use the posix line
disciplines?  Or has anyone ported macget, macput, xmodem, etc., to the
Risc-System 6000 AIX3.1 successfully?  Can I know what you did?

Thanks in advance.  --Tim

Tim Fredrick             National Center for Atmospheric Research
                         Atmospheric Chemistry Division

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