How to write device drivers for IBM RT running AIX 2.2.1?

How to write device drivers for IBM RT running AIX 2.2.1?

Post by Ignatios Souvatz » Thu, 18 Jun 1992 19:58:23


the question says near all: How do I write a (presumably character)
device driver for the AT? Where should I look for docs? The tons of
documentation that I found here when I got the job cover nearly
everything, but not how to write an AIX device driver...

The device in question is a 8-bit PC card, which is read-only at an
I/O address port. Yes, I sort of found the relevant machine language/
machine architecture reference chapters in the documentation.

                        Ignatios Souvatzis


1. g++ for the IBM PC RT running AIX 2.1.2

I have an IBM PC RT running AIX v 2.1.2. Have someone ported g++ (and
gcc and whatever is needed) to this machine?

I can probably port it from any version of AIX (at least from 2.?.?),
but I don't have the assembly language ref. man. so I cannot write the
machine descriptions.

I can get at g++/gcc ver 1.37 and 1.39, but I have no ftp access, so
the best thing for me would be either if you post it or email it to

Thanks in advance!


snail-mail:    Skarpskyttev 6B,      S-22242 Lund,         Sweden

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