XEDIT/Kedit for RS6k wanted

XEDIT/Kedit for RS6k wanted

Post by Konrad Wilhel » Fri, 15 May 1992 00:39:03

We (group working on computational Chemistry) are used
to use XEDIT on CMS and KEDIT on MSDOS-PCs.
Since some time, we are also using IBM-RS6K systems running
AIX (3.1.5 up to now).
Our work would be greatly simplified, if we could get an
XEDIT / KEDIT -lookalike for the RS6000s also.
Can somebody make any sugestions?

Konrad Wilhelm, Organ.-Chem. Institut der Univ. Muenster
                Corrensstr. 40
                D4400 MUENSTER/Westf.


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Hi everybody,
Haven't read ..sco.misc for awhile, but nice to notice
it is still very alive.

I'm looking for binaries for an editor capable to display and write
national characters (Finnish keyboard).
Binaries because I don't have a compiler.
The system I have SCO Unix 3.2.2.

I tried ste (very good and simple, indeed) but only a-z characters.

Xedit would be fine but Xedit is not free?
Users here manage with it because they have experience from IBM.

So, any editor with scandinavian characters out there?


                X.400: G=Juhani S=Somero O=lmf P=ericsson A=mailnet C=fi

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