window is open twice on HFT

window is open twice on HFT

Post by Danh Tr » Sun, 28 Feb 1993 15:36:34


I am having a problem when running xinit on HFT.  It seems like that every
window is open twice on the HFT.  xinit executes the script .xinitrc which
starts up xclock, xdt, aixterm, etc...  The problem is when xclock window
is displayed at the upper left of HFT, another blank window of exact size
of xclock window is open at the upper right.  Aixterm window is displayed
at the upper left, then another blank window of the same size is being
displayed at the lower left.  This symptom happens for every window.

After all windows (xclock, aixterm, xdt ...) have been started up, point
and click are just randomly selected.  All I can do is Alt+Ctrl+Back_Space
to escape back to text mode.  By the way, I have a dual HFT.  The same
problem is still happen if I switch to the others.  My system is RS/6000
model 580, dual HFTs, BOS 3.2.3, AIX window R11V4 (1.2.0).  Does anyone
know what causes the problem.  X window is working fine on NCD 19c Xterm
(xclock, xdt, xterm ...).  Thanks

Danh Tran

PS.  Is there any utility to print a GIF or JPG image to TEK color
     printer (postscript)?  Any info or a FTP site where I can get the
     tool is appreciated.


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I've just upgraded one of my machines to 3.2.2, and now I find I can't
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1362-011 The X Server can only be run from hft terminal.
error (pid 2589): server unexpectedly died
error (pid 2589): Server for display :0 can't be started, session disabled

When I check to see what tty I'm on when at the console, I get:

Any ideas why this is happening?  I'm using a version of xdm that's been
modified by someone else, so I can't just recompile it.  Does 3.2.2
specify the terminal differently?  Thanks in advance.
Ken Small

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