emacs, rmail, IBM RS/6000, and Aix 3.2

emacs, rmail, IBM RS/6000, and Aix 3.2

Post by Richard Ry » Fri, 24 Jul 1992 15:52:11


We've got a problem getting emacs to read mail with rmail.  The version
of emacs we have on our system is 18.57.3  The system here is the
IBM RS/6000 running on Aix 3.2

I've been corresponding with the sys admin trying to get the the system
to allow the rmail command in emacs read incoming mail.  Whenever I try
to execute rmail in emacs I get the message, "Permission denied: renaming
/usr/spool/mail/ryanr, /usr/spool/mail/ryanr~"  It's been suggested to me
that this might have something to do with emacs running on Aix.  Does anyone
have any ideas of what the problem might be?  Has anyone seen any pertinent
FAQ's in the newsgroups I can look up?



emacs, rmail, IBM RS/6000, and Aix 3.2

Post by Ronald Wo » Sun, 26 Jul 1992 06:47:06

The GNU EMACS movemail program needs sufficient access to read/write
to the /usr/spool/mail directory...
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