InfoExplorer works under X11R5 now :-) :-)

InfoExplorer works under X11R5 now :-) :-)

Post by Chin Fa » Sun, 18 Aug 1991 01:01:37

I finally got my head SA to rename /usr/lpp/info/X11fonts.  Before
he did so, I already converted all *snf in this dir to *.pcf and placed
the converted ones on our file server for export.  Now info_gr comes
up without a hitch.  Nice looking stuff.

As the following is very useful infomation to anyone, including IBM support
stuff, therefore I am going to copyright it for my school so no one who use
it can claim improper credit.  You are otherwise free to use or distribute
it as long as the following Copyright notice is attached.

Copyright (c), 1991, Stanford University, California, USA
[Sorry I have to do the above, because one time our SE showed us some "solution"
 that I posted myself :-{

Summary of steps:

1.  get bdftools.tar.Z from contrib dir of
2.  unpack bdftools.tar.Z, then cd to snftobdf-1.4/
3.  get all missing headers from X11R4 (YES! R4!) source tree,
    if you don't know where they are, use find(1)
4.  build snftobdf
5.  cp /usr/lpp/info/X11fonts/*.snf to a scratch dir
6.  run the following script in the scratch dir

for font in *bdf;
   base=`echo $font|sed -e 's/\.bdf//'`
   bdftopcf $font > $base.pcf

where bdftopcf is a utility that comes with each and every X11R5.

7.  mkdir IBM_info under ProjectRoot/lib/X11/fonts/

[or use any name to your liking]

where ProjectRoot is the top dir for X stuff.  For us, it's

8.  mv all *.pcf to ProjectRoot/lib/X11/fonts/IBM_info
9.  in IBM_info, run mkfontdir to creat fonts.dir so R5 server
    can get to know each and every one in this new dir

    You may need to rename icour9i.pcf to icouri9i.pcf.trouble
    first as I had a small trouble with it.

10. xset fp rehash  [you don't need to use xset +fp patch etc as
    the R5 server is smart.  This step may not even be necessary.

If you wish and is able to, you may want to issue a
rm -rf /usr/lpp/info/X11fonts
just for the fun of it :-)

In fact, it's often a "must do" on RISC 6000s :-(

Now fire up info.  I strongly recommand you to rm -f /usr/bin/info
as it's not useful.  Call info_gr or info_ascii directly instead.
You can specify resources for info_gr if you wish.

Now enjoy IBM's on line documentation (which is not too bad :-)

Hope the info interesting/useful to you.


Chin Fang
Mechanical Engineering Department
Stanford University


InfoExplorer works under X11R5 now :-) :-)

Post by Chin Fa » Sun, 18 Aug 1991 01:43:57

OOPS!  Missed one portion for step 5 from my notes :-(

|> 5.  cp /usr/lpp/info/X11fonts/*.snf to a scratch dir

Then run the following script to convert all *.snf to *.bdf
for font in *snf;
   base=`echo $font|sed -e '/\.snf//'`
   snftobdf $font > $base.bdf

[proceed to step 6..]


Chin Fang
Mechanical Engineering Department
Stanford University


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