rdump problems

rdump problems

Post by John Lobau » Mon, 16 Sep 1991 06:33:11

John Lobaugh
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1. rdump problems with AIX 1.2

I have encountered considerable problems trying to dump PS/2 file
systems to an ExaByte tape drive operated by a remote SUN workstation.
Issuing the +rdump+ command will yield only a +permission denied+
message as a result, unless your machine+s root account is listed in
the +.rhosts+file of the remote machine+s root account. I found out
this is because AIX 1.2 uses the old version of the +rdump+ command,
while on the newer SUN version you can define the dump device as

as +machine:device+, invariably attempting to access the root account
of the remote machine. Scanning the object code of the AIX +rdump+
command we found the textual representation of the string +root+.
Yet, patching this to represent some other four character account
name did not turn out to be helpful.

The remote machine+s SysAdmin will not give us root permission
on his machine and mounting our file systems remotely on a SUN via
NFS will not help either, since dumps can only be performed on
physically attached file systems.

Are we condemned to back up on our 60 MB tape drive or has
anyone  encountered the same problem and/or has found a solution?
Any help will be gratefully appreciated.

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