Registering new widgets in AIX dtksh

Registering new widgets in AIX dtksh

Post by Gunther Sablo » Fri, 07 Feb 1997 04:00:00


I've been reading Pendergrast's book, but DtLoadWidget is
unclear, doesn't work as expected, and I can't find any
troubleshooting for it.

Page 449 describes how to create shared libraries
and how to export function symbols in AIX.

Page 454 describes how to register a new widget.
1) step 1 says that the class record and method functions
   must be compiled in shared library.
Question: must the class record name also be exported?

2) step 3 gives the DtLoadWidget command (but args are reversed).
   Here I get the error that the class record cannot be located:
        Unable to locate a widget class record named ...
   even when the class record name is exported.
Question: how can I make the widget class record 'visible' for
the DtLoadWidget?

Thanks for your help,

Gunther Sablon
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