AIX 4.3.1 and 7207 model 315 Tape Drive

AIX 4.3.1 and 7207 model 315 Tape Drive

Post by Roy Torjusse » Tue, 12 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have a problem with this tape drive connected to our F50 RS6000

The problem is that its only possible to use DC5010 tapes on the drive
and I need to use some DC9200, DC6525 and DC6150 tapes to deliver
software to our customers. So my problem is that it seems like I
have to configure the drive in SMIT every time I want to use another
tape media.

Is there any way around this in AIX?

Please help!

Roy Torjussen


1. 7207 Model 011 Tape Drive: Bootable? Which tapes?

Yes it's bootable and if I remember right it is a 525MB drive ...someone
correct me if I'm wrong.

An 001 is 150MB/250MB and an 012 is a 1.2GB.

So the tapes you would use are DC6525s, if you dont know the condition
of the drive I'd try used tapes first as they go cheep on the net.

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