AIX Netware/6000 Experiences Wanted

AIX Netware/6000 Experiences Wanted

Post by Ed Rav » Mon, 03 Aug 1992 02:34:05

I'm helping spec out a software system that will live on a Netware network,
coexisting with DOS and OS/2 applications.  Can I safely assume that IBM's
Netware/6000 will interface with all my PC/PS2 applications, or has anyone
out there discovered any "gotchas" or missing functionality?  Of course I
believe everything I read in IBM product announcements, but I'd love to hear
a few reports from the field.  Will summarize if there is interest...

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1. WANTED: experiences with PPP and SLIP on an RS/6000 under AIX

Hello!  As the subject says... The problem is the following:  we have a
number of offices scattered around the Netherlands.  Each office has at
least on RS/6000.  A number of the offices are connected via bridges (no
comments please :-), while many others are too small to justify the expense
of a permanent connection.  The principle traffic to these offices will be

We are investigating the different ways to ship mail back and forth, and
have, of course, considered plain-and-simple UUCP.  UUCP has message size
limits, so we would also like to find out about serial-line network
connections.  The budget is up, so we also have to use existing hardware
(i.e., no new Ciscos, no Netblazers, etc).  We tried the SLIP
implementation that comes with AIX 2.2.1, and had problems.

My questions are:

1.  Is there a PPP implementation for the RS/6000?

2.  Is there another implementation of SLIP?

3.  Is there a way to set up SLIP or PPP to establish the connection if
there is a packet waiting?

4.  How do you get around the problem of getting mail if one systems calls
the other with outgoing mail?  Someone mentioned UUCP over IP, but does
that still have the 100K limitation?

I've set followups to the AIX group.  Reply if you like via e-mail, and I
will summarize.

Thanks in advance.

Matthew Lewis
Sys admin, CICT
University of Amsterdam
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