/dev/kmem & processinformation HELP NEEDED

/dev/kmem & processinformation HELP NEEDED

Post by volume regelin » Sat, 17 Feb 2001 03:54:14


I am making a piece of software which gets some process/thread information.
It is written in C++ on AIX

I have managed to get the proc structure out of the kernel through the use
nlist, "/dev/kmem" and readx.

The problem is the following :

I want the pid, cpu usage, time the process has started and processname
retrieved from the kernel.
The proc structure which I know use doesnt have the (right) cpu field,the
"time the process started" field, and the processname.

The CPU usage which I got from the structure doesnt by far look like the
"ps aux" gives me. I understand I have to do some calculations with some
fields and the cpu fields but I havent gotten to that part yet.

For the processname field I could use getprocs() but that wont compile with
C++ , so thats not an option. Ofcourse just "ps" with awk of sed is no

If you know how to retrieve the "time the process started", the right CPU
usage or the processname from the proc structure or through the use of
calls please reply.



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