RFS for AIX?

RFS for AIX?

Post by DaviD W. Sanders » Sun, 12 Jul 1992 08:20:11

Is RFS available for AIX?  If so, from whom?


1. RFS questions? RFS relation to NFS

I have a few basic questions about RFS (Remote File System(Sharing)).

1. Does it operate under all UNIX System V flavors (including XENIX
        Microport, 386/Ix), etc.?

2. What is the necessary hardware and software and is the software
        included with the standard operating system distribution?

3. How does it differ from NFS?

4. Is there a laymans's reference (say 15-30 pages) on
        logging in to RFS and using it?  if so, where is it?

Your time to answer this is greatly appreciated.

Please reply be E-mail, or call collect / send fax to:

Michael Deutsch
Tel: (619) - 452 - 8649
Michael Deutsch
Fax: (619) - 452 - 8711

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