error msg...

error msg...

Post by River » Wed, 20 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Has anyone come accross the following msg:

Console login: Monitord is running, or cleanup is required.
:remove /etc/security/monitord_lock before restarting

I get this msg after I IPL the sys... Any help on this would be greatly


1. SCSI error msg - st0: Error with sense data

I am getting the following error if I try to read anything beside a Travan 4
tape with my Seagate TapeStor 8000: (connected to a NCR 53c810)

st0: Error with sense data: extra data not valid Current error st09:00: \
sense key Illegal Request
Additional sense indicates Invalid field in cdb

Reading/writing Travan 4 tapes is fine. The streamer is (according to the
docs) able to read anything from QIC 80 up.

What does this error message refer to?

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