su'ing doesn't read /.cshrc

su'ing doesn't read /.cshrc

Post by Kanthan Pill » Thu, 15 Apr 1993 00:47:59

>Every other Unix box I've used reads /.cshrc when I su to root.
>That's where I've always set the prompt to be something that stands
>out as root (like having a # in it).  When I su, it doesn't read the
>.cshrc at all.  I do a 'source /.cshrc' and everything is fine, but
>that gets annoying.  Something simple?


I have this problem on all System V-based systems. I keep around a copy
of the source for the bsd version of su, and hack it to run on whatever
systems I administer. Look at the bsd distribution in for
an example, or roll your own. If that's too complicated, use "su -"
instead of plain "su".

Actually, IBM does a more reasonable job here than the average System
V-based system which reads the *user* .cshrc instead of root's. Phew!

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